Saturday, March 20, 2010

All in the Family

It is every toy and game inventors dream to see a newly licensed product at Toy Fair. I lived that dream in '09 when Cadaco released my game, Quad*doku. Toy Fair '10 was dimmed a bit for me since I had no such But it was still a vicariously pleasant time to see the new game co-developed by my wife, Leslie Lawrence, on the Haywire stand at Javits. And it was good news that a number of key trade buyers expressed interest in carrying Out Numbered during 4Q this year. We can only hope that buyer interest and comments in February translate to shelf space at holiday time.

It may be great where you are in a dream on center stage with a newly released product. But I can say that it's equally as great to see your life's No.1 associate live the dream. After all, "It's All in the Family" and the royalty checks hit the same mailbox. Good luck, Leslie! May you have a BIG winner!

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  1. Hey Ron,

    Great blog. Informative and inspirational. Ron, your contribution to the industry continues to add vibrancy to the memories we all share.

    Go Leslie. I can't wait to play Outnumbered!