Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Celebrity in Our Biz

It's time to say goodbye to the old year and retrospect all the people, events, and accomplishments during the past 365 days which lead to selection of the Top "this", the Best "that", or the Worst "whatever".  Thanks to Richard Gottlieb and the great job he does with Global Toy News, our industry now has the first annual "Global Toy News Person of the Year". Nice going, Richard, to initiate such an award. And certainly a well deserved congratulations to the energetic and creative recipient....


  1. Thanks Ron and congratulations and thank you Mary. It's so gratifying to see one who has given so much to our industry finally getting her well-deserved recognition. Keep up the good work.

    Keep 'em coming, Ron.

    Charles Phillips

  2. Thank you very much, Ron, for the callout. It is an great honor and I hope it brings more attention to our Chicago events.

    Charles, thank you for your comment - very much appreciated. If I may ask, what does 'Returning' mean?