Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aim to Please, Please

After decades around the Milton Bradley and Hasbro Games R&D Departments and after viewing thousands of inventor concepts, I have been convinced it is possible to make a game for any topic, for any age, and for any gender. Games can be designed for any challenge; be it skill and action, strategy, Q&A, twitch reaction video games, etc.

Now along comes games that expands that premise even farther. This introduction is apparently intended for screen obsessed, multi-tasking, physiologically properly equipped players when called to   a very necessary environment.

Check out the video to see a play platform coming to that special room near you.
World's first p-controlled video game

I never would have thought of such games since I have always seen visits to that location as a matter of necessity and not a place to seek amusement. It also begs a key question, how will this play experience be handled if it is to broaden market share to the opposite gender?

On the plus side, these games may well open sales opportunities at previously untapped retail outlets: local plumbing supply stores. Oh, by the way, don't forget to flush!

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