Monday, May 13, 2013

Funding a Fun Idea

Internet "crowdfunding" is replacing the age old method of "family and friend funding" to finance production of an idea. No more asking Grandma Maude or Uncle Charlie for their cash savings to turn an idea into reality. Kickstarter is one of several websites where an inventor can use a slick pitch video and incremental incentives to get "backers" to not only pledge dollars but get them to spread their "like" to their personal network of friends.
Acknowledged as "America's Wordsmith", David Hoyt has his word puzzles syndicated to hundreds of daily newspapers. JUMBLE puzzle books are everywhere. Hoyt's latest game creation, Word Winder, is already on the market in traditional board as well as digital forms.
So why is a pro inventor like Hoyt on Kickstarter? Inspired by numerous teacher interests in Word Winder, Hoyt has designed a special classroom version that is intended to be played where no word game has gone before; on the floor! His hope is to meet his funding goal and produce quantities of this school edition of Word Winder and get kids everywhere out of their seats and on the floor playing his game. https://Nightly Business Report

Checkout Hoyt's Kickstarter pitch. Perhaps you will become a backer, and oh yes, don't forget to pass on the Word Winder message to all your friends!

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