Monday, December 8, 2014

A Very Sparkly Idea

In writing The Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook about the business of creating new playthings, Richard C. Levy and I used the words of  nearly one hundred professional inventors to describe their approaches when creating their next new product. In fact, in our inventor profiles published in the book, we asked the question, "What sparks original ideas?" Answers were quite varied. Among the replies: following trends, studying objects, watching children, daydreaming, fitful sleep, a refreshing shower,  and perhaps most unique, sunbathing au natural on an isolated tropical beach!

Some inventors use a more pragmatic and traditional approach to "spark" new ideas. They envision an unmet need/try to fill a void. That certainly was the spark for new games by Donna Christian and Leslie Lawrence who had a vision  to create games that respect and celebrate the Hispanic culture. The first two entries in a new product line marketed by Cass Group, LLC focuses on the celebration of young Latina girls' Quinceañera, a very important coming-of-age event in the lives of Hispanic girls. These “first of a kind” games hope to enhance the lives of young Hispanic girls as they dream about and prepare for their all-important 15th birthday.

My Quinceañera™ Countdown Game

My Quinceañera™ Angry Old Godmother Game

Both Donna and Leslie were volunteer mentors in Springfield, MA schools for years. During this time, these two former Milton Bradley Company creatives developed many relationships with young Latina girls which ignited a spark to fill a market void. They have since licensed My Quinceañera™ Countdown Game and My Quinceañera™ Angry Old Godmother Game to Cass Group, LLC, a start-up marketing group made up of three former Hasbro Game executives: Phil Jackson, Mark Sullivan and George Reich.

The link below shows these first products in what is foreseen as a line of games and activities targeted for a growing audience.

My Quinceañera™ Website

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