Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Donald Trump THEN and NOW

All ostriches and every human being in the world know that Donald J. Trump was elected in the fourth quarter of 2016 as the forty-fifth POTUS. However,  its likely that only elderly board game consumers and intense followers of the toy and game industry know that Trump licensed his likeness on two board games. Both were marketed by Hasbro game divisions,; Milton Bradley in the late 80s and Parker Brothers in the early 2000s.

By the most important measure of a game's success, SALES at retail, DJT's appearance on the Milton Bradley initial version could not elevate consumers interest above, "just OK". And compared to a measure of marketplace longevity against such classics as Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, CandyLand, etc., Trump The Game was  a yaw!

A hardened sales rep, who at the time was not meeting management sales quotas for the game was heard to say, "It would be great if Trump was better known west of the Hudson River!" My, my, how times have changed! NOW Trump is well known far, far beyond the Hudson to all rivers in the USA. In fact, by any measure, Trump is a global celebrity!

Through the courtesy of the Springfield, MA Republican newspaper that covered Trump's only visit to the Pioneer Valley ever, on May 4, 1989, the following photos show DJT at his initial launch into the game world.  I remember the hub-bub on that day in East Longmeadow, MA where the game was manufactured. The future POTUS THEN made an auspicious appearance when he dropped from the skies in his personal chopper. No one would ever have envisioned THEN that NOW he would be dropping from the skies in Air Force One!

Donald's Chopper is The Only Aircraft to Ever Land on Company Grounds

Donald Disembarks With Coiffure Disheveled by Chopper Blades

Adoring Milton BradleyEmployees Gather to Create a Huge Welcoming Crowd

President of Milton Bradley Co., and Future President of USA, Donald J. Trump

Trump Poses with Stacks of Newly Minted Games Ready for Shipment

Trump Gives a Pitch on How his Game Will be the Next Monopoly


  1. Do they still have the license? There are many other games you can play, of course there is the False News segment to see who could create the most insane new blog. But I think my fav would be The "Twitter King" and be the first to Twitter about a breaking story...
    Love your post as always, Ron.

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