Thursday, December 10, 2009

Co-Author Richard Levy Goes to War

Richard and Sheryl Levy and I felt the buzz for Warstones in the Duncan booth at Toy Fair 2009.

Richard C. Levy, co-author of Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook, launched his unique new game product with Duncan Toys at Toy Fair 2009. Intricately sculpted power figures entrapped in glistening marbles give a captivating effect comparable to priceless gemstones. But these stones are actually battle pieces used in a new form of war game play. In collaboration with Samurai Comics, Richard will co-host a Warstone tournament Saturday at 2pm in Phoenix, AZ. It promises to be a "don't miss" event for players who wish to see the debut of a game play that combines marbles and trading cards. Warstones will be the spotlight at a local comic book store and feature cash prizes. Get all the info:

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