Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ode to the Season of Giving

The Big Day is near and throughout the mall,
Stores are ever hopeful shoppers will buy all.

Flat screen TVs, toasters, and an occasional toy,
Whatever it takes to bring loved ones some joy.

Marketers try every trick they think to muster,
A 4 hour sale, a "black" day(?), even a "door buster"(?).

Hurry, to get "Best prices ever" those FSI's shout,
And there's "Buy one, Get one" hype to get shoppers out.

Buy now, buy often, buy even what you don't need,
It stimulates the economy. It's your patriotic deed!

Just be thankful this mayhem comes but once every year,
So get to the malls, smile as you shop, and be of good cheer!

Happy Holidays to All!

When you "herd" at the mall, remember where you parked.....

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