Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4 Eyes

In my youth, anyone wearing eye glasses was taunted by the ridicule of having "4 eyes". As hurtful as that might have been then, that is pretty tame by standards of today's bullying. Eyewear has since evolved to where frames and tints make glasses fashion statements. At a Toy Fair Creative Factor presentation with my co-author, Richard Levy, I unveiled my latest inventions to assembled inventors, marketers, and curious guests. The initial line has three SKUs shown here:

The first SKU is The Spotter, to be worn by inventors. These glasses have rose colored lenses that allow wearers/inventors to scan exhibitors' booths and view holes in product lines. No more wasteful speculative time for inventors guessing on how to "fill the holes" to get marketers' attention.

The second SKU is "The Judge" to be worn by potential licensees of inventor prototypes. The viewer (or as inventors lovingly reference this person, the "product picker") slips on these glasses and can immediately judge the first years product sales. Telepathic waves allow the wearer to determine up to a seven digit output of likely sales volume. The Judge will make for on the spot decisions by the licensee and new found euphoria for licensors.

The third SKU is "The Banker" that allows successful inventors to see projected royalty streams over a one, two or three year period.

Last minute production details are being wrapped up. We are on track for a $9.95-$14.95 retail. This eyewear should be a blowout, home run. For those vain users who remember too vividly being called "4 eyes", we are working on contact lens that can give the same results.

OK, if you have read this and are ready to order, it is time for a DISCLAIMER. This product vision is untrue. Maybe the Toy & Game world needs these products, but they aren't in the works yet, at least with me. But I do thank Elope Inc in booth 383 at Toy Fair for loaning these fun specs from their wonderfully whimsical line of playful products.

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