Saturday, February 27, 2010

Satisfied Customers

Kojak, the cop with a million stories.

Early TV NYC cop Kojak would start each show with the lament that "there were 9 million stories in this city", and then go on to entertain by solving the latest assault, robbery,or homicide in the episode of the week. My NYC story this Toy Fair was a chance meeting of a real live player of my game, Quad*Doku, in of all places, the Hasbro showroom.

I stopped by the Times Center to see a friend on Wednesday, February 17 only to find the showroom being dismantled. At the entrance were two receptionists, Tiona and Shatavia, and a manager confirming that no personnel was there except exhibit workers. During the quiet time, the ladies were playing Scrabble Slam which I saw as an invitation to inquire why they weren't playing the game I invented. As I started to describe Quad*Doku play and its components, Tiona was knowingly ahead of me and said that she had played it and liked it!

WOW! of all the 9 million stories in NYC, I was happy with this nonviolent one about a consumer who plays word games and had positive comments about my favorite game, Quad*Doku.

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